In the summer of 2004, Paul Heritage conceived a special performance project in  Rio de Janeiro in association with Grupo Cultural AfroReggae. Designed as an experiment in cultural interventions in sites of conflict, Amor em Tempos de Guerra (Love in Time of War)  was presented inside favelas dominated by armed drug gangs, as well as  in a traditional theatrical venue in the rich southern zone of Rio de Janeiro.  providing transport and support for favela-residents to attend performances at a traditional theatrical venue.

Paul Heritage directed a cast of well-known professional television actors in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra and Measure for Measure, with the opening performance taking place on a border contested by rival drug factions. The project resulted in an eighteen-day ceasefire after 22 years of war (receiving extensive national and international press, including live TV news coverage) and the creation of a new programme called Parada Geral: a 12-month partnership between People’s Palace Projects and AfroReggae to create a new cultural strategy for conflict resolution in the favelas of Parada de Lucas and Vigário Geral.

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