Encounters: Transforming Lives combines cutting-edge visual technology, topical debates, and live performances to create an exciting and innovative look at the relationship between young people and the arts.  Culminating in a live visual and interactive exhibition, Encounters asks the question ‘How do young people transform their worlds through the arts?’  Encounters answers this question by illustration- showing rather than telling our audiences how this transformation could look, feel and sound.

Encounters brings together young people who are making the performance with those who research the impact of their participation.  This project aims to create an entertaining and enlightening exhibition piece that showcases the thoughts and ideas of young participants.  Alongside this creative process, our research team pursue these enquiries with our participants to further an understanding of the social impact of the arts.  With a wide range of influences including the social sciences, medical sciences, arts and humanities and practice in public policy; this project combines the expertise of academic disciplines with the realities of how young people view art.

Led by Paul Heritage and Gary Stewart [PPP Associate Artist], Encounters engages with young artists, their peers, activists, researchers, audiences, and those who form arts policy by enabling young people to reveal how they transform their lives through the arts.

From 2012, Encounters: Transforming Lives is part of the British Council’s Transform.