Twenty Years of Fuel: The Role and Development of the Independent Producer in Theatre and the Cultural Economy is an archive research project in partnership with Fuel Theatre and QMUL Drama Department that aims to:

  • Address Fuel’s role in developing the practice and position of the independent producer in the expansion of theatre beyond its conventional institutions, audiences and practices over the last twenty years;
  • Map Fuel’s position as a key ‘niche’ in the UK’s (and international) theatrical ecology, both in terms of the artists, artforms and practice this has supported and evolved, and in the development of audiences and practices of theatre-going;
  • Trace the scalar relationship/s between Fuel’s work in supporting independent artists and producing large scale and/or commercial work;
  • Track the impact on work for socially diverse audiences.

The current phase of the project runs until December 2021, undertaken by Molly McPhee as Postdoctoral Researcher at PPP with supervision from Martin Welton, QMUL Drama.